UPC UBEE EVW3226 WPA2 generator

Generates default WPA2 WiFi passwords for UPC router UBEE EVW3226

This generator helps to test your home router for vulnerability we found. Affected type is UBEE EVW3226.

We generate candidate default WPA2 passwords from SSID (WiFi name). If none of generated password match your router is not vulnerable to this particular weakness.

Enter numerical SSID part to the field below. Vulnerable SSID has typically the form UPCxxxxxxx, e.g., UPC2659797.


Disclaimer: author has no responsibility on actions that may be caused by using this service. Do not break the law with this service or hack WiFis. It is only for educational / research purposes.

We use pre-generated database for lookup. The database was generated for all MAC addresses with the prefix 64:7c:34 which corresponds to UBEE prefix. If you find another UBEE router with different prefix, please let us know, we will extend the database. Thanks!

SQLite3 database with passwords 543 MB (bz2)

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